Fully Automated Rack-to-Water-Vessel Delivery System

A Smart Storage Solution

Introducing a smart storage solution that will help increase marina profits and operating efficiency, add to your marina’s usable cubic space, and offer an unmatched rack-to-water vessel delivery, every time. This advanced technology will allow you to store more boats in your marine facility, and provide a faster, more reliable storage system for you and your customers, reducing the risk of environmental hazards, damage and theft. ASAR is redefining the future of marina operations around the world.


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A Smart Storage Solution

ASAR is a smart storage solution that replaces a forklift or crane, which takes up more space, and is prone to operator error and slower delivery. Instead, ASAR safely hugs the hull of the boat and moves it on a track that gently slides both side-to-side and up-and-down. Superior to a forklift in every way, ASAR lifts at up to 3.5 miles per hour and drives 11.4 miles per hour, offering the redundancy of dual drive motors and dual lift motors. Furthermore, it takes the boat directly from the water all the way to its storage space, even cleaning it along the way via an optional vestibule washdown system.

By replacing the traditional forklift/crane with ASAR, marina owners are able to achieve higher density storage in four major ways:

The flexibility to store multiple vessels deep

The capability to store full-size vessels on the top rack

30% increase in rental cubic space

44% reduction of drive aisle through the elimination of a forklift

By liberating conventionally unusable cubic space, the return on investment (ROI) continues to multiply throughout the entire life of the marina. This increase of rentable cubic space, without the increase of footprint, is particularly valuable to marina owners in high value real estate markets with limited space.

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The Benefits of Smart Storage

ASAR is the product of the smartest minds in technology today, and it’s being used by the smartest business owners. Using this advanced technology, your customer’s vessel is safely, efficiently and professionally stored using ASAR. With 99% uptime and the ability to store vessels of varying depths with larger boats stored on the top rack, ASAR is hands down smart for business.

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ASAR is the product of the smartest minds in technology today, and it’s being used by the smartest business owners.

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